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We are a sustainable and differentiator multiplatform publishing project. We create the best economic information content and distribute it in a smart and accessible way. We are a working tool for everyone that wishes to know more about economy. We believe that the economic language is one of the main pillars of our development. Therefore we will make economy uncomplicated for all to clearly understand.

O Jornal Económico

TIMWE Group is a global provider of mobile engagement solutions. We are catering our clients through a varied portfolio organized across three verticals: Managed Services, Digital Services and Fintech.
TIMWE is committed to maximize engagement and monetization through mobile devices. We provide our clients effective turnkey business enabling solutions that leverage our proprietary technology, our global connections, our industry expertise and local presence.
We aim to be a global reference and a pioneering leader in the mobile and technological services, through the development and delivery of effective and scalable solutions, customizable to the needs and strategic goals of our clients.


Axians is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to ICT. Living in a mode that is “always-on”, and communicating within a society that never sleeps, Information and Communication solutions are vital for many human and business activities.
To make the world smarter, Axians embraces the business of its clients, as a mean to contribute to the overall value creation.
This is achieved by providing top-notch, scalable and sustainable solutions, with a human face and touch. Axians. The best of ICT with a human touch.


CATÓLICA-LISBON is one of the preeminent business and economics schools in Europe, ranked 26th in the The Financial Times list of Top European Business Schools. Our position has been achieved through a combination of world-class students and faculty, strong curricula, innovative applied-learning projects, unique partnerships with prestigious international business schools and a strong connection with the corporate world.


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