Call for Speakers

We want to open up the stage for inspiring personalities, who are challenging the status quo to make a change. WE WANT YOU!

Participate in our #CALL4SPEAKERS and become a part of TEDxCatólicaLisbonSBE. Be ready to share your rule breaking story on stage of the 2021 event in Lisbon and inspire the audience to break the rules and step into the unknown!

These are just some of the questions we are expecting our speaker’s to challenge and bring up on stage at this year’s edition of TEDxCatólicaLisbonSBE:


What does it mean to break the rules?

How do you break the rules effectively to initiate change?

What makes an idea rule breaking?

How do you inspire people to not accept the status quo and to do things differently?

How do you turn a rule breaking idea into action to create a change in society?


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Your TEDxCatólicaSBE Team 2021


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