Meet our Team

Behind the scences of TEDxCatólicaLisbon SBE there is a dedicated group of students who goes above and beyond to create an unforgettable experience.
For you we plan, organize and host this year’s event, so you can sit back and be inspired by unique ideas and stories.
Simply said: “We make it happen!”

tedx 2019

Speaker & Sponsorships

Eileen Kaufmann


"Watching TED talks has always inspired me by stimulating my thought process on certain topics that have not always been in the center of my mind. Going beyond our comfort zones, learning and expanding our horizons is the spirit I am looking forward to work on with this year's team."


“Listening to TEDx talks has always inspired me and piqued my curiosity. It is wonderful to be able to change beliefs and opinions with speeches. By being a part of the TEDx team at Católica, I would like to help sharing interesting thoughts and to reach out to even more people.”

Joao Caseiro


"For me, the TEDx experience is much more than learning something new. It is about expanding our world view and connecting to people that have a meaningful story or experience to share. I hope we can break down our prejudices and preconceived notions.”


"Everyone perceives the world in their own unique way. What I like about TED is that it allows everyone to share this unique perspective with others, helping us to understand the familiar in a new way. It truly promotes lifelong learning!"


Elise Simonnot


"One good storyteller is not only a matter of being good at advising or entertaining. It is also being good at listening, being curious and con-versational. The stories that Tedx gives us the opportunity to attend, aren’t tied in with sharing yourselves to others but sharing something that relates to others."

Moritz Dressler


“I truly believe that life is so much more than just our careers. It is about the people we meet, the experiences we make and standing up for the things we believe are right. And even if we are not sharing the same option, we should listen to each other and build bridges – and to me, this is what TED is all about!”


"I believe a single thought to be the most powerful thing on earth. Once spread, it can change everything. For me, TED enables us to do exactly that - it is an amazing platform where people can share the very thoughts they believe to be powerful enough to change the world for the better."



"I have always been fascinated by words and how speeches can inspire us. TEDx to me means exactly that- inspiring others and sharing knowledge from different topics and perspectives to people all around the world. There is no better way than sharing knowledge and by that going beyond countries to reach people & start being innovative as one team."

Event Management

Amelie Brandt


"TEDx is not only about sharing knowledge, it is about connecting people and giving a room for discussion and sharing passion.  The Event gives a possibility to get inspired and seeing the world from another perspective. It is a pleasure for me being part of such a great opportunity."

Pedro Cruz


"Every story can be told from multiple perspectives. "Straight to the point" means you’re able to address the key issues of that story, while appealing to all those perspectives."



TEDx creates a platform of open dialogue and discussion for curious and open-minded thinkers. By constructing a space for people to ideate and grow, knowledge-transfer becomes increasingly accessible. I believe the ease of connecting innovative thinkers and active learners makes TED invaluable to our global communities.


"I am amazed by how simple ideas and beliefs can have the power to leave a mark on our lives. TEDxCatólicaLisbonSBE is much more than an event. It's a call action to think and act differently. Because "WE" need to fight for the change we want, and for the society we want to see. Now, it's all up to you!"

Executive Production & Lead Organization


"TED has always inspired me. It sparks curiosity and connects people through amazing stories and ideas that can change our attitudes, beliefs or even our lives. It’s amazing how we can reach so many people with just a simple speech. "


Reza Sedighi


"Every person has a story to tell, a lesson to teach, and a dream to share”. This time, I am lucky enough to organize the TEDx CatólicaLisbonSBE, and to help provide storytellers a platform to tell their amazing stories and ideas. In the end, if just one person is influenced by the speeches, my mission is done well."

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.