"Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships."

Michael Jordan



"I strongly believe that education can change the world. Through TEDx we can share knowledge and ideas. It is my honor to help bring new perspectives to people and (hopefully) make them think about what they have never thought before."


"Gratitude is the best word to describe the feeling of belonging to an incredible team and participating in this unique event. This year's theme is inspiring in so many ways and I really hope it can lead people to a deep reflection about getting out of the comfort zone and exploring the unknown."


“Ben Franklin once said that an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. But what would it be the purpose of that same knowledge it not shared with others? TEDx is about ideas worth spreading, but most importantly, ideas that can have an impact on others.”


“For me, TED Talks are one of the easiest ways to enclose myself with passionate professionals and understand new ways of beliefs. By organizing this event, I hope to convince those who have not yet integrated TED Talks into their daily lives to do so.”


“TED for me is about shaping something that has not been done before and spreading the word on the truly important things outside of our daily worries.”


“Growing further than what you previously expected to be possible is something I want to encourage for everyone participating and getting the chance to be part of our TEDx experience.”


“Connecting to people that share extraordinary stories signifies the most important aspect of learning and growth which is perfectly exemplified within TEDx.”


It is my belief that TEDx is the most ingenious form of education in the world. As a global conference model that democratizes the idea-sharing inside communities, TEDx energizes, empowers, and inspires them to break new ground.


Event Management


“Being part of the organization of TEDx to me is an enriching experience and a way to contribute to one of the greatest events at Católica. I really enjoy to engage with our team and building together an event that is diverse and inspiring for everyone organizing and participating. It’s a great opportunity to make an impact and to spread the spirit of TEDx.”


“TEDx sparks the curiosity that I believe is so important to preserve when going outside the established fields of learning which we are accustomed to.”


“TEDx sparks the curiosity that I believe is so important to preserve when going outside the established fields of learning which we are accustomed to.”


"The organization of an event like TEDx initiates the sense of community and learning that we all truly should try to get out there and enjoy the time while we are doing it.”


“TED opens doors to thoughtful and respectful discussion about relevant topics, which is key for what is ahead of us.”


““The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size” – Albert Einstein. To my mind, TED is about being curious, seek knowledge, see the world from a different perspective and letting yourself be inspired to make an impact and leave your stamp in this world.”


“I believe that TEDx talks inspire us to go beyond our usual areas of expertise, to think further and to dream. To give the curious students at the Católica exactly this possibility, I decided to become part of the TEDxCatólicaLisbon team.”


“From watching my first TED Talk about the person trading a paperclip into a house to knowing what happens when the computers get smarter than us. I am always fascinated about the power of individual speeches and the reach you can get through the platform TED.”


“It is not only about spreading ideas, it is about passion, authenticity, learning and evolving. A simple talk can make the World give a whole step forward. It is mind-bending how a single thought can change our lives forever. TEDxCatólicaLisbonSBE won’t leave you indifferent!”


Executive Production


“Every story can be told from multiple perspectives. ‘Straight to the point’ means you’re able to address a key issue of that story appealing at the same time to all those perspectives.”

Lead Organizer


"What if we can change people’s mind with an untold story? Everyone of us has a unique story that will continually be developed through our life. Storytelling gives us the opportunity to move towards reality and to build empathy and curiosity in the listener that will open up new possibilities and can lead to new paths of thinking."


"Building and nourishing human connections are something that deeply inspires me. TEDx has the capacity to empower and engage people through stories and to allow the development of new connections that can enhance their sense of belonging and enrich their own journeys."

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.